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Star/ZLR F9006 MIUI Port

I own a ZLR F9006 (mtk6582) device for quite a while and I realized that there are no custom Roms. Actually there is nothing, no one talks about it. Although it’s a great and cheap device!

Some days ago I got bored of some features like the grapes in lockscreen and the battery consumption. So as a programmer I started porting a MIUI Rom in order to fix any current issue.

Today I am proud to present the fully functional (not so sure) ROM.

Screenshot from 2014-09-05 12:40:52antutu miui 4.4.11 v1

Based on Star W450 MIUI 4.4.11 ROM, Android version 4.2.2

Download Link

F9006 MIUI 4.4.11 v1


Charge your phone
Transfer the rom .zip file to your sdcard

If you have CWM (Clockworkmod recovery) installed skip to Step 2


Step 1.

Install ClockWorkMod Recovery – Using mediatektools <Download Link>
Enable USB Debugging in order to recognize your device.

Select “root, backup, recovery” tab,
then select “to use boot from phone”¬†selection,
click “Recvery and Boot”

A dialog will popup click YES

After that will ask you to boot phone into recovery mode. If you select Yes skip to step 3.1



Step 2.

Power off your device.
Press and hold Volume Up and Power Button
Select Recovery

Step 3.1 (optional-recommended)


It would be good to make a backup before you continue using CWM (ClockWorkMod recovery)

Use volume keys to navigate and power button to select

Step 3.2

Perform a Factory Reset “wipe data/factory reset”
Be patient it can take some minutes according to your installed data

Step 4.

Install zip file
Be patient takes a while to format the system

Step 5.

Wait about 2-10 minutes to boot properly

After Installation (optional)

Step 1.

Install Google applications (eg PlayStore, Maps …)
Download this flashable zip
Use CWM recovery to install zip

Step 2.

Root your device
Download and install framaroot application
Select Barahir if it doesn’t work select any of the above

Step 3.

Install Super Su using Play Store

Step 4.

Install Lenovo Super Camera for better results.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any problem or feature request
(leave a comment or send me an email)

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