My name is Vasilis Naskos, I am a graduate of computer engineering and a passionate programmer. This site is my personal space where I like to post my projects, thoughts and things that I find interesting.



E-thesis is an open source service, developed under the “Web Applications” course of Technological Education Institute of Central Macedonia Greece for the winter semester 2016-2017. This project tries to solve the problem of miscommunication between teachers and students for the assignment of the final project (thesis).

The solution we came up with is:

easy: no registration required, login using egram (TEI CM students management system) credentials.
simple: get a project in 3 steps, upload transcript of records, find projects, apply
fast: teachers and students receive notifications about project status changes (student applied, application accepted …)

Technical Details

The backend of the project is written in OOP PHP

For the frontend was used HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, JQuery, SQL

User authorization and information retrieval using scrapping on third party site





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