My name is Vasilis Naskos, I am a student in computer engineering and freelance programmer from Greece. My passions lie in programming, networks and electronics but mainly in problem solving, which led me to deal with plenty of projects, from web services to magazine design and from database development to temperature control devices. My greatest ambition is to make our world a better place through my creations!

Category: Electronics

Temperature Controller

This project works as a temperature contoller (Proof Of Concept). An ATmega16 microcontroller reads the temperature from two sensors and regulates the speed of a fan accordingly.
Work objective. Increase the knowledge of programming of serial interfaces on ATmega16 microcontroller in the field of embedded systems.


Implementation of a Stopwatch Description One push button is responsible to start and stop the time. The time is counted on timer0 of the atmega16 microcontroller. Time is displayed live on the 4×7 segment, using BCD code and a driver chip┬áto select and enable the appropriate digit/segment. The second button, captures and displays the current time on the LCD screen,…