My name is Vasilis Naskos, I am a graduate of computer engineering and a passionate programmer. This site is my personal space where I like to post my projects, thoughts and things that I find interesting.

Category: Android

Math Expression Calculator

Math expression calculator as its name implies is a calculator which can evaluate mathematical expressions. It can handle addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, power, taking into account the order of operations. Using parentheses is also possible even if they are nested to each other.

Star/ZLR F9006 MIUI Port

I own a ZLR F9006 (mtk6582) device for quite a while and I realized that there are no custom Roms. Actually there is nothing, no one talks about it. Although it’s a great and cheap device! Some days ago I got bored of some features like the grapes in lockscreen and the battery consumption. So as a programmer I started…