My name is Vasilis Naskos, I am a graduate of computer engineering and a passionate programmer. This site is my personal space where I like to post my projects, thoughts and things that I find interesting.

Author: vnaskos

Math Expression Calculator

Math expression calculator as its name implies is a calculator which can evaluate mathematical expressions. It can handle addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, power, taking into account the order of operations. Using parentheses is also possible even if they are nested to each other.

Temperature Controller

This project works as a temperature contoller (Proof Of Concept). An ATmega16 microcontroller reads the temperature from two sensors and regulates the speed of a fan accordingly.
Work objective. Increase the knowledge of programming of serial interfaces on ATmega16 microcontroller in the field of embedded systems.


E-thesis is an open source service, developed under the “Web Applications” course of Technological Education Institute of Central Macedonia Greece for the winter semester 2016-2017. This project tries to solve the problem of miscommunication between teachers and students for the assignment of the final project (thesis).

Kuku Kube Bot

This project is a bot for kuku kube game, in order to achieve high scores. It is specially designed for this specific version of the game. However, it can easily be adjusted for any another version with same implementation but different graphics.


BioDictionary is an offline dictionary platform which utilizes XML files as datasource. It was developed for etwinning European School Collaboration program in 2012. The subject of the program was biodiversity, but its concept can easily be adjusted to any subject. BioDictionary provides tools for dictionary creation, management (add/remove words, merge dictionaries …) and indexing.

Star/ZLR F9006 MIUI Port

I own a ZLR F9006 (mtk6582) device for quite a while and I realized that there are no custom Roms. Actually there is nothing, no one talks about it. Although it’s a great and cheap device! Some days ago I got bored of some features like the grapes in lockscreen and the battery consumption. So as a programmer I started…


Implementation of a Stopwatch Description One push button is responsible to start and stop the time. The time is counted on timer0 of the atmega16 microcontroller. Time is displayed live on the 4×7 segment, using BCD code and a driver chip┬áto select and enable the appropriate digit/segment. The second button, captures and displays the current time on the LCD screen,…